All In A Year

Okay, so I’m sad that Twins baseball is over for the season. I would
have liked baseball season to keep me nourished for a few more months (yes,
I am aware that even if the Twins would have gone to the World Series
baseball wouldn’t fill in until Spring Training started…not even
) . It all just feels too bittersweet…this ending. I
hoped that even though our future looked dismal, facing the Yankees in
the first round of the playoffs, that we would some how be able to
surpass the Evil Empire and take them down. I was let down. The Twins
let me down, TBS let me down (in case
you didn’t watch the games on TBS, they were ridiculously biased toward
the Yankees…and showed only replays of Yankees games/plays.)
, I was let down by the umpires and their lack of good calls. Yes, I was really let down.

am still saying that I believe that the poor call from the umpire Phil
Cuzzi cost us the game. He missed a fly ball of Joe Mauer’s that was
about a foot inside the foul line (even after hitting the outfielders glove!)…instead
Joe got a base hit, which was good, but a double with the next couple
at bats would have scored him, rather than leaving him at third base
where he would never see home. That would have been the run that kept
us tied in the game after Mark Texieria hit a solo shot in the bottom
of the 9th. Now would the Twins have been able to still duke it out and
win a tied game? I’m going to side with yes, they would have. I don’t
care if you don’t believe me, or agree with me. This is my opinion. No one else’s.

Here’s a cool send-off to the Metrodome video from ESPN:

however is the one that almost made me cry at the Dome when the game
was over on Sunday night and I realized it was my last game there as
well (yes, I know besides Vikings games):

Now enjoy some pictures from Game 3 of the ALDS 2009…the Final game at the Metrodome for Twins baseball!

The new and improved “Yankees=Evil Empire” signView from the 2nd to last row in centerfield on the upper level!If you look closely, you’ll notice Joey Highsocks (aka, Joe Crede!)The line ups for both teamsThe lady with the crazy Metrodome hatThe last Metrodome field runner! He was the best I ever got to see!

And a bonus photo! courtesy of (from baseball unplugged 2009 with Michael Cuddyer, Joe Nathan and Matt Guerrier)

I got in one of the pics (I’m in the teal sweater next to the host)

One comment

  1. jenny5880

    I’m bummed to see the Twins’ season over, too. We should have won Friday night…we should have won in the Dome. But I guess as Twins fans, we have to admit it was a heck of a run. Two game 163s in a row is awesome…proof that our boys never give up. Here’s to 2010 in Target Field!

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