Going For the Sweep

night was by far the best game I’ve been to in my 14 games!  I managed
to score some fantastic seats 3 rows from the field (in section 3, which is right next to the Twins’ dugout!!). 
I was so close to the field and the players I was having heart
palpitations! It was a great game otherwise too.  The Twins were
trailing 2-0 in the first three innings (2nd run scored in the 3rd for Colorado) and it wasn’t looking the best.  We got Cuddy to third, but couldn’t seem to bring anyone home to give Carl any run support.

These are the times that I fear my record will take a hit (it’s first loss). 
I started getting worried at the start of the 4th, but Joe Mauer pulled
through with a great base hit that started a HUGE inning for the Twins,
scoring 5 runs on 6 hits (2 walks and 1 fielder’s choice).  The
Twins batted around and Joe Mauer grounded into a double play to end
the inning that he started.  It was one of those games that throws my
scorecard off cause I have to continue an inning into another column. 
I didn’t mind though.

The Twins had 14 hits in the game and won the easy battle 9-3.  I guess
Carl finally got the run support he’s been craving all season long!  It
was nice the Twins could finally provide him with some runs.

I did enjoy seeing some guys who have needed to step up (the rookies and Punto) really step up last night.  Valencia went 2 for 3 (2 singles, walk and hit into a fielder’s choice). 
Punto went 2 for 3 as well with a walk, and Matt Tolbert…he shocked
the hell out of me going 1 for 3 with 2 walks and a HOME RUN.  I didn’t
know Matt Tolbert could hit homers!  I figured maybe that would give
Joe Mauer some ammo to hit his first at Target Field (minus the one he blasted during the exhibition game), but nope.

Tonight: It was great watching Timmy dominate the Rockies!  He had a career high of 12 K’s (strike outs)
and looked like the leader of the pack that he was supposed to be all
along.  It was great seeing him excel out there and also pitch 108
total pitches.  It’s not too often that Rick Anderson will let the
pitcher go more than 102-105.  I wish his pitch count hadn’t been at
that in the 7th so he would have been able to come back out for the
8th, but the outcome tonight still turned out in the Twins’ favor.

Tomorrow the Twins will go for the sweep against the Rockies (day game).  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to catch the game or not.

Now: Enjoy some more pictures from my section 3, row 3 seats.

Punto (for Karlee)
 I think Drew knew I was taking his picture. Oh well!
 Trevor Plouffe
 View from my seat (which got me on TV a lot last night, and thankfully my camera covered me most of the time!)
Joe Mauer up to bat
 Mr. Morneau
 My Cuddy picture that looks like a baseball card.
inside the first base lounge…

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