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The Big Hits

was hard watching the Twins two of the three games in Philly.  I wasn’t
too happy that our starting pitching couldn’t go into the 3rd inning in
either game.  I was ripped off!  I wanted to watch the pitchers
awkwardly swing at the ball over and over, and only got to see it once
each game.  IT SUCKED.
watch most of Saturday’s game at Park Tavern in St. Louis Park with a
bunch of other Twins bloggers!  It was the Twins Centric viewing party
and it was fun!  Seth was mean and teased me with Kevin Slowey’s email
address, ultimately deciding that he wasn’t going to give it to me.  (I swear I’d behave if I had it.  I’d probably look at it more than actually use it.  I’d be too scared to do anything about it! HINT HINT, Seth.
It was hard listening to pretty much what turned out to be the second
half of the game on the radio while driving to my home town of Austin
for Father’s Day.  I think people would have thought I was nuts if they
would’ve been in the car with me, or even seen me from their car.  I
was screaming at the top of my lungs when Joe Mauer hit his home run to
tie the game.

course, the game didn’t end there for the Twins, that was just the
start of the battle. I thought for sure that Drew Butera’s first ever
MLB home run was what was going to win it for the Twins.  Then Jon
Rauch gave up a home run, blowing the save.  Thankfully the Twins came
back in the 11th with 3 more runs to edge out ahead and win the game!

Two games out of 3 in Philly, the reigning NL Division champs of 2009,
I’ll take it!  Sunday, Carl was outstanding going the distance and
pitching a complete game!  He even got a hit to try and help his
cause.  It was too bad that Carl put no effort into his running the
base line.  He made Jim Thome and Jason Kubel look like fast runners
with how slow he trotted to the bases.

Carl for being a bada$$!  I’m still not sure I like the mustache, but
if you keep pitching like that, I’ll let ya keep it! Even if I do think
it’s gross.