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Oh Oscar

Okay, I will admit it.  I thought that Kevin
Slowey was going to be the first starting picture to go 7 (or more)
innings.  I didn’t have faith in Carl Pavano to not screw something up. 
While Carl gave my nerves a good test last night, he managed to work
his way out of some pretty nerve-wracking jams and get out of the
innings and his start only giving up 1 run.  I was a little impressed.  I
fell asleep about the second batter in for Matty Guerrier, so
thankfully I didn’t have to see Oscar the Grouch Jon
Rauch come out in the 9th inning.  I’m not heartbroken, believe me.  So
does anyone else see the resemblance in Oscar and Jon that I do? 
There’s just something I can’t quite put my finger on…

Great job last night by Justin and JJ Hardy going deep again in the
game.  It’s good to see Hardy off to a good start this season given the
season he had last year.  A friend of mine from WI (who is a Brewers
fan) wished me luck when JJ got traded over to the Twins.  He still just
thinks it’s only a matter of time before he starts to suck again.  I
think it’s the Twins uniform that is helping him flourish!  I think it
will continue to work it’s magic.

Now all we need to do is get Kubel and Jim Thome
hitting balls out of the park and we will be set.  When those boys (yes,
I do realize how old Thome is, but he is still one of my boys
start packing heat, we will be a force no one will want to recon with.

Yesterday while I sat at my desk working hard, two of my coworkers (my
temporary boss and the event coordinator
) went off to Target
Field.  They got a private tour of the stadium and got an in depth look
into all the different places where you can host events (573 Club, Metropolitan Club, etc).  Neither one of them knows much (maybe
who Joe Mauer is
) about baseball, but when you are old enough to
have seen Harmon Killebrew play baseball, you should at least know WHO
he is and what “573” stands for.  She also had no idea what the gate
numbers stood for, or who those players were. (taking hand and
hitting palm to forehead
).  Here’s a good lesson for them, if you
would have taken me with you, I could have told you so you wouldn’t look
like a fool!
They also got to see the loading dock area, which is right by where the
players park.  It’s a “VIP” parking area, that if you have an event at
Target Field (where you rent the facilities), you get to park
there too (along with your guests) but have to pay $7 per car to
park there.

Tonight: Kevin Slowey gets
his shot at the Angels and the Twins get a shot at winning their
opening series against the Angels.

Reminder: Home Opener is
only 4 days away!  I can’t hardly wait!  If you too will be at the
Opener, let me know and I’d love to meet readers (along with fellow
bloggers)!  I’ll probably be one of few people with my Kevin Slowey
jersey on!

TwinsFest 2010

Well another year of TwinsFest
has come and gone. I only went on Saturday, because limited funds made
it hard to purchase additional tickets, plus I know how tired I get
from going one FULL day that I figured one would be plenty!

got to meet and run into tons of people from the blog world! (Though
one person choose to not introduce themselves to me when they found me,
I’ll let it slide) Met Howard Sinker from A Fan’s View, Seth Stohs from Seth Speaks, and John Bonnes from Twins Geek. Met up with bloggers I’ve met and hung out with before (Katie from KC’s Baseball Blog, Kirsten from K-Bro’s Baseball Blog, Topper from Curve for a Strike, Tricia from Twins Sisters, and Erin from TwinsGirls: A Baseball Blog) all in all, it was fun chatting with everyone.

was insane enough to wait in line for pictures with the players. I was
not terribly thrilled to have to pay $2 per player to get pictures with
them, when in previous years it was free. It kind of seems lame and
like a slight rip-off to charge people for admission and getting
nothing for free in the process. Sure, if you wanted to wait for 6
hours in the prospects lines, those were free, but everything else
costs money. I know that the proceeds from the picture line were going
for a good cause (I have nothing against giving money to Haiti through UNICEF, don’t get me wrong), I just think that it should have been more of a “suggested donation,” than a requirement to pay. I believe they still would have gotten money donated to the good cause.

was also disappointment this year in the fact that the autograph lines
went up by $5 at every station. I never went through many of these
lines to begin with, mainly cause if I really want autographs from
players, I know that at some point, I can most likely get them for
free…plus I also don’t want to wait for so long to get the
autographs. Two years ago, I waited for a good amount of time to get
Kevin Slowey’s
autograph (since he’s my favorite Twins player). I made the mistake of
going through his autograph line that he was in with Francisco Liriano. NOTE TO FRONT OFFICE FOLKS WHO MAKE UP TWINSFEST SCHEDULE: Please, for everyone safety, sanity and crowd control, put Francisco Liriano up in the Cambria booth where the likes of Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and others are. It makes things really crowded down on the turf when he’s signing at Station #2.

I was only disappointed with one of the players that I met at TwinsFest, and that was Jon Rauch. I was all excited to get a picture with him standing next to me, since I’m 5’3″ and he’s 6’11”. I got up to him, no pleasantries from him and then when I asked him politely
if he would stand up (he was sitting on a chair), he said “I’m not
standing for anyone.” He was very short with me and very rude. I’m not
gonna lie, I like him less now than I did before TwinsFest mainly due to the attitude he had. We paid to get pictures with him, yet I got treated poorly.
Quite honestly, I’d nominate him for the Biggest d-bag at TwinsFest award.
(Here’s my picture with the “cardboard cutout” of Jon Rauch.)

Good Sport award would go to Justin Morneau.
I asked him if he would puff up his cheeks (like he does when batting)
with Katie’s 8 year old nephew, and he did it, just before the picture.
Justin and I…can’t tell we were both laughing before this picture, huh?
Mr. Morneau and his usual smirk of a smile…

Nicest newcomer goes to JJ Hardy. He was very sociable to everyone one, even gave hugs to several girls. Plus he was very nice eye candy.
Me and JJ Hardy

Quietest player goes to Carl Pavano. He was nice, just very quiet and seemed like he felt a little out of place in the photo line (and a little uncomfortable).
Myself with Carl

Nicest non-new Twins Player: Kevin Slowey.
I already knew he was a very nice guy, but he was very tolerable of the
crazy girl by me, and then was willing to take pictures with fans after
his autograph session was over (Brendan Harris only stuck around for about 2 pictures before bolting out of there)

Kevin posing for pictures.

Myself with Kevin Slowey

Here are a couple other TwinsFest pictures for everyone:

Jason Kubel and Matt Guerrier

The Justin photo line before us…
The line for Justin photos after us…
Joe Mauer is in there somewhere…

The crowd at TwinsFest on Saturday from the stands by the KSTP AM 1500 booth.

Only 70 days until Home Opener now (and counting!)…21 days until Pitchers and Catchers report for Spring Training.

Also, February 12th is going to be Nick Punto Day. For more information about that go here: Nick Punto Day.