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Rockin’ The Slow Ride

Last night marked game #4 that I have been at.  I
am loving the new stadium, I am in full baseball mode and it’s great! 
The Twins having such a hot game right now makes it that much better! 
If our team was like…Baltimore (who are 2-13 this season so far)
I might not be flying as high on Cloud 9 as I am.  Then again, the fact
that the Twins have by far THE best looking team in MLB.  If you
want to try and argue with me, go right ahead and try.  I’m not backing
down on that statement though.

How could last night’s game get any better? Watching Cleveland have a
meltdown (errors on the field and just all over bad fielding),
Kevin Slowey rocking their socks off and pitching 8 innings with only 1
earned run (I felt he should have came back out for the 9th and got
the complete game, but sadly Gardy didn’t think on the same note as I
), I didn’t have to see Jon Rauch pitch (which I’ve seen him
every other game I’ve been at
), did I mention Kevin Slowey was

Well my friends and I were all rocking Slowey shirts (jersey for me). 
We were representing the Kevin Slowey Fan Club (sorry other Slowey
fans, I am the President and CEO of that club.
) which we have
unofficially taken upon ourselves to start.  Why not, right?  We
probably were some of the loudest people at the game (sure we were
sitting up where our noses could have bled and the air was much lighter
We probably even were some of THOSE fans that other people hate
because they cheer so much.  But why not cheer at a baseball game?
That’s why we are there!!  Plus now that we are outdoors, you have to
cheer louder to be heard.

We had seats in section 305, in the VERY last
row of the 300-level.  What’s that view look like, you ask? See here:

It’s not as bad as it would sound if I were just
to tell you that we were in the very last row, close to the furthest
away you can get from the field/players, but it was really great.  Sure I
couldn’t get the kind of pictures of the players that I like to get,
but it was a beautiful view and you could see EVERYTHING (with
the exception of the small foul territory in right field

It was such a perfect night for outdoor baseball. 
This is what outdoor baseball should always be like.  The sky was
beautiful, the game was fabulous and we had a blast.  I honestly don’t
think I could have gotten a better game to go to.  I’m hoping that
Slowey and Co. prove me wrong and show me something (at a later game)
even more outstanding.

Some have talked about whether or not the Twins have faced a challenging
team yet this season (and that maybe they are doing so well because
they are facing the less difficult teams
).  I don’t really think
that this is the case.  I think any team (minus Baltimore perhaps) could
be a competitor.  It is only April still.  Things can change, and they
can change quickly.  I’m ready for a season of more firsts for the

So far I feel like I have been great luck (for the games I have been
).  I have an undefeated record of 4-0, so I feel like I’m on a
good roll.  I guess the Yankees game in May will determine my true
“luck”.  I’m hoping and praying my luck continues with the team…and if
so, I really think that the Twins should fuel my luck and have me at ALL
the Twins home games (heck, even road games) so that they can
continue to be on FIRE!  Am I really this cocky and think that I
am the only good luck charm?  Maybe…I guess I won’t divulge my
true nature.  You can take it however you want.

Now enjoy some more pictures from the game (from the nose bleed seats). 
Tonight, watch some Twins baseball and see Liriano take the mound.

Denard thanking
Jesus for allowing him to get on base
The beautiful
sunset view we had
Minnie and Paul
still in the sunlight
Double vision
Twilight at
Target Field
Katie and I with
the fence behind us
Minnie and Paul
lighting up with the words “Twins” and “Win”!