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An Unusual Kind of Day

So while trying to come up with something to write about with the past
two game (neither of which I watched much of, one due to the fact
that it was a day game and I was working, the other because I was just
peeved about how the game went.
)  I was trying to think of something
else to refer to the Yankees as other than the Evil Empire (which I
do like that name, but it’s not becoming to frequently used and I like
to be different.
).  I came across wikipedia and saw that they had a list
of nicknames
for the different teams’ players.  Here’s what they
had for the Twins (I eliminated the past Twins players and only kept
current ones
Wikipedia’s Twins Nickname list (it’s short, but wacky):

The only player I think I’ve heard anyone use those nicknames for
is Joe Mauer.  I do only know two people (they are co-writers of Peanuts From Heaven)
that call Joe “Chairman Mauer”…though a lot of people that call him
“Baby Jesus”.  The others I don’t know that I here used…well…ever. 
Whoever decided to write that list of nicknames for current players is
sitting on that island alone.

Tonight, I think the Twins need to really step things up and show the
Yankees that they really are in it to win it this year.  They didn’t win
a single game last years against them, they more or less just let the
Yankees walk all over them and the Twins were the Yankees *******.  I
think this is a good year for redemption and to show the whole major
league that we are in fact competitors and want to go all the way.  I
think they have the capability and the potential this year.  Plus I
think if the Tigers can beat the Yankees (more than one game)
that the Twins can do that too, and do it bigger and better than the

Did you know that the Yankees (still the
highest paid team in MLB
) have an average salary that is
$108,774,222 more than the Twins (this current season 2010.)? 
The Twins are ranked #11 (which I would wager is high for a
“small-market team”
, but I’m sure signing Mauer to the deal he
got bumped the Twins up a bit higher
).  On the note of high payed
players, I find it kind of funny that Justin Morneau in the ad for
Continental Diamonds (I believe) says “Because I don’t make as
much as my buddy Joe”.  Hate to break it to Justin, but this year, he
does make more than Joe.

Tonight’s Match-up: Scott Baker (4-2; 4.57 ERA) vs. A.J. Burnett (4-1;
3.40 ERA).  Here’s hoping for a successful night for Twins players in
our line up.  More after this weekend’s series.  I hope to give out 3
Stars of the Series again since the haven’t WON the last two, merely
split both of those series (yes, I know the one is slightly jaded and
either was a sweep, split or swept series
).  GO TWINS and Go